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21 years of Chiropractor Experience

21 years of Chiropractor Experience

Get Educated...Get Informed...Get Adjusted 


Get Educated...Get Informed...Get Adjusted 

About Us

Dr. Lisa Lundstrom and Jan Brengle

Why Green Circle?

Definition of "Full Circle" is a complete reversal of the original position.  "Green" symbolizes energy, nature, renewal, harmony, and is the color of life. Dr. Lisa started her chiropractic circle in Rapid City, SD in 1999 and successfully adjusted as many families as she could for 15 years.  Following her family to Big Sky, Montana, Dr. Lisa was able to continue her passion for chiropractic care for 5 years.  Dr. Lisa moved her family back to the Black Hills of South Dakota where their family originated.  Green Circle Chiropractic in Sturgis, SD is excited to have Dr. Lisa and Jan Brengle back together continuing quality chiropractic care in Western South Dakota.

Bear Butte in Sturgis, SD located at Green Circle Chiropractic

South Dakota Raised

Dr. Lisa, chiropractor, grew up in Rapid City, SD.  She is happily married with two children.  Dr. Lisa loves to adjust and provide chiropractic care to as many families she can.  When she is not adjusting, you might see her hiking or biking on one of many Black Hills Trails.  

Jan, chiropractic assistant, grew up on a ranch in Western South Dakota and attended rural school thru eighth grade and graduated from Sturgis Brown High School.  Jan is happily married with two children whom have been very active in the Sturgis Community.  

Our Services

Chiropractic Care

Education on Chiropractic

We simply want you to understand the what, why, and how chiropractic works. At Green Circle Chiropractic you will get educated on an individual basis what chiropractic is, why people get adjusted, and how chiropractic care will benefit you.   A healthy mind is an educated mind!

Overall health

Information on Chiropractic

Chiropractic care is mainstream, not alternative, as  Doctors of Chiropractic are primary health care physicians.   Dr. Lisa believes in working together with other healthcare professionals to achieve the best care possible for each individual patient.  Chiropractic first, drugs second, surgery last!




Adjustments and Chiropractic

The Chiropractors at Green Circle Chiropractic evaluate, diagnose, and treat subluxations which are spinal misalignments that put pressure on the nerves.   The Chiropractic Adjustment relieves the pressure that the subluxation puts on your nervous system and allows your body to function properly.   A healthy body has a healthy nervous system!

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